This page contains 729 overviews of default or custom G'MIC filters applied to the source image sunflowers-400.png.


G'MIC is a free framework for image processing. It comes with hundreds of filters. It's easy to get lost and just not know what filters to start it. There are so many possibilities.

Here comes gmic-filters-overview. It allows to overview all non-interactive G'MIC filters at once for a specific image. Default filter arguments are used (unless the filter name is followed by the character *, which means custom arguments). Note that most of the filters have a lot of options to play with.

Image toolbar

A gray icon means that the option is disabled (for example, means that the source image comparison is unavailable).

When an image is animated, a Play icon () appears under the image. Just click it to start the animation, and click to stop it. Clicking the image works the same.

Keyboard shortcuts

Using Left arrow / Right arrow, you can scroll to previous/next image.


You can drag and snap images over other images, so two images can be overlayed to see what two specific filters look like when they are merged with transparency.

By default, filters from all categories are displayed. Clicking a category button displays/hides all filters from this category.

The fixed menu on the right side (icon ) offers a few more functions.

All filters

Selected filters